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“American Sniper” To Get A Reboot Next Year; Justin Bieber To Star

American Sniper - The Reboot
Photo: Warner Bros. / Bigstock – Joe Seer


Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” was one of this year’s surprise successes – both with the critics and at the box office – and Hollywood is paying attention.

“By this time next year, most of the film’s audience will have aged by one year”, says one of the new film’s producers. “It’s time to introduce a younger generation to Chris Kyle’s amazing origin story. And what better way to appeal to that generation – than with Justin Bieber?”

Bieber is obviously a controversial choice, but the film’s producer is confident about this surprising turn of events. “We needed someone who is both young, and believable. Once you think about it, who’s better to protect America? In fact, in another life, Bieber would have probably been a navy SEAL himself. One who sings with his troops, maybe.”

Another name that’s being tossed around as a co-star, is Vine sensation Cameron Dallas. Hot off the heels of his recent “Expelled” movie, Dallas might take on the role of American Sniper’s “Goat”. “Even though we initially picked him for his young fan-base, I’m sure he will turn out a phenomenal performance. His abs aren’t fake, they’re right there, and even a REAL navy SEAL sniper might mistake him for one of their own.”

Cameron Dallas - Goat?
Photo: Bigstock – kathclick


One question remains – will Clint Eastwood return to direct?

Clint Eastwood, Michael Bay
Photos: Bigstock / Kathclick

“Clint’s done an amazing job, and we’re in talks – this is “Dirty Harry” we’re talking about, after all. But there are other options as well. Michael Bay, for example. Who’s better than him, to portray the fight for America with teen stars?”

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