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The Biggest Game of Thrones Fan Ever: Gabriel Downloaded Every Episode

The Biggest Game of Thrones Fan
Photo: Bigstock / HBO

Gabriel M. (His full name is on record with us) from Ohio is probably the world’s biggest Game of Thrones fan. While he never read any of the books, he did meticulously watch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of the series so far, after downloading it via BitTorrent.

“I actually downloaded the first episode by mistake”, he tells us shortly before the premiere of season 5. “I was looking for “The Canterbury Tales“, a British series starring Sean Bean [editor’s note: Sean Bean was in fact in only one episode of The Canterbury Tales, in the role of “The Nun’s Priest”], and somehow ended up downloading the first season of Game of Thrones. Then I was hooked!”

“I know some of the major character names by heart. I went on to download all the available episodes, and not just low-quality stuff, I only download the 1080p versions, like a real fan should.”

“Sometimes the downloads are really slow”, Gabriel states. “The show’s producers should do more for their biggest fans. If I can’t download the torrent right after the show, and fast, how will I avoid the spoilers? In fact, they should offer Game of Thrones torrents BEFORE the episodes air on regular TV. At least for the big fans. They really have some more thinking to do.”


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