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Amazingator Cat Policy

At, the privacy of our cats is of extreme importance to us. This cat policy document outlines the types of cats we collect at and how we use them.

Cat Logging

Like many other Web sites, makes use of cats when dealing with the internet. The information we collect about these cats includes how round their tummy is, how wet their nose is, how pointy their ears are, and their general level of cuteness. We track their movement around the house, and gather information about their whereabouts – the shelf, the sofa, the computer desk, etc’.

Cat working on The Cat Policy

Cookies and Treats does use cookies, catnip and other treats according to our cats’  preferences. We record cat-specific information, mainly cute roll-overs, in order to better serve the internet with cute cat clips and pictures.

Some of our neighbors and family members may use cookies without any connection to cats. These uses include, but are not limited to, eating those cookies themselves, or making them in their own kitchen. Our cats are not involved with these third-party cookie making, and have no access or control over these cookies

Tracking and Technology

As mentioned, we use advanced tracking technology with our cats, including (but not limited to) laser pointers, rubber mice and colorful balls with bells in them.

If you wish to disable these tracking technologies, you may do so at your own house, with your private cat.

No cats were harmed during the making of this Cat Policy. People WERE harmed when trying to convince the cat to sit down for his picture taking.

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