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Separated At Birth: Celebrities And Their Amazing Twins

No two snow flakes are alike, but if you judge by the number of “Separated At Birth” articles around the internet, famous celebrities have lookalikes and copycats all over the place. Well, good news – we’ve found some more!

1. Chris Evans & Funny Beard Man

Chris Evans and his Bearded Twin
Photo: Bigstock/Kathclick

True, the haircut is a bit different – but with that beard, could their mothers tell them apart?

2. Beyoncé With Some Guy & The Hamilton Couple

Beyonce And Armani - With Their Lookalikes
Photo: Bigstock/S_Bukley

Ok, so “that guy” is Giorgio Armani. But really, do you care? The really amazing thing here is the amazing resemblance to the couple on the right – a woman, a man. They’re even on the same sides.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio & Sneaky Pete

Leonardo Dicaprio and Sneaky Pete. Almost The Same!
Photo: Bigstock/Kathclick

Even tough Pete is trying to break the uncanny resemblance to Leo by wearing glasses – he can’t. The reason? They’re both wearing a suit! Had they been born with those suits, one could even say they were separated at birth.

4. Emma Watson & Ludmilla

Emma Watson and The Magician!
Photo: Bigstock/S_Bukley

See how Emma Watson is standing right next to a magician? Well, you won’t believe it, but that woman on the right picture is NOT Emma Watson – that’s Ludmilla! Emma is standing next to a magician on the LEFT picture!


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