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Leaked Photos Suggest: House of Cards Season 3 To Star Kevin Spacey

House of Cards. Season 3?

With season 3 of House of Cards almost upon us (February 27), leaked photos from the third season have now all but confirmed: Kevin Spacey is in it, probably in a starring role.

House of Cards, developed by Beau Willimon, has been a phenomenal success for Netflix, with multiple Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

While the source of this latest leak is unknown, sources close to Netflix have assured us that this is likely NOT an inside job. “House of Cards is tremendously important to us”, they said, “And we want everyone to enjoy it on the same day – February 27. If you tune in on that day, February 27, you will find out everything for yourself.”

Refusing to officially address or confirm the leak, Netflix reps have cheekily posted on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Tumblr and Myspace: “This is Hollywood. There’s always a Kevin Spacey on February 27”.

So, is the famed movie star Kevin Spacey really in season 3 of House of Cards? Our bet is on “Yes”.

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