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New App Can Guess If You’re Kim Kardashian Or Not

Facial recognition is one of the hottest buzzwords around silicon valley these days. A new app from an up and coming start-up, based a few hundred miles from Microsoft, claims it can guess one important thing: Are you Kim Kardashian?

We’ve decided to put the app to the test, and our editors have uploaded various pictures of themselves, along with random strangers, into the app. We’ve also uploaded two real pictures of Kim Kardashian.

The results were astounding – the app was correct almost every single time, except for one understandable mishap. These were our results:

Got this one right…amazing!

Correct! That's Kim!
Photo: Bigstock / S_Bukley

Right again!

Not Kim! Correct!

Yep, that’s Kim

Yes! That's Kim!
Photo: Depositphotos / Jean Nelson

Correct Again! Really amazing app

Not Kim!

And then this one…but I have to admit, it was a close call.

I't not really kim!

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